pediatric weight management program

thank you for taking the time to learn about proactive kids! As a physician or nurse, you see firsthand the effects of unhealthy weight on a child’s overall health - as well as its ability to cause other illnesses such as diabetes and asthma. We would like to work with you in ensuring every family in our community has access to a program to support child health.

If you know of a child and family that can benefit from a FREE 8-week comprehensive program designed to introduce children to healthy lifestyles, please refer them to the ProActive Kids Foundation.

Our most dedicated participants are those who have been referred by their doctors! 72% of graduating participants decrease their bmi, while 72% decrease their body fat. 60% decrease their weight in pounds. to learn more about the data we collect and our awesome outcomes, click here. 

click here to download and access The physician referral form that allows you to refer families to the PAK program. Feel free to print these flyers and distribute in your offices – Download the Flyer and Physician Referral Form.  We can also send posters if you email us at

once you have given the families this signed form, they are responsible for registering for the program and turning in the form upon attending.  Children must have a signed physician referral form to participate in the program.

Please note:
  • The referral form is on the back of the general flyer.
  • Doctors must sign the form and give it to the patient. The patient is responsible for bringing it to the program.
  • Doctors CANNOT enroll a child or fax in form. They must simply direct the family to ProActive Kids website ( or phone number (630-681-1558) to enroll the child .