Position Type: Program Coordinator manages site session through 8 week duration.
Time: 55 hours total over 8 weeks  (40 hours of onsite management and 15 hours administration management). This is a contract position and benefits are not included.

The Program Coordinator is 100% responsible for the PAK program at the location — managing the program soup to nuts!!! In addition to running the kids through high-intensity circuit workouts, you will teach them to love fitness, understand why its important for their bodies and educate them on how to live a healthier lifestyle throughout every component of the program.

The PC will execute an integrated health plan for overweight children – running circuit type routines, educating them on the importance of fitness and  serves as the main point of contact for staff members and families, implements the fitness component of the PAK program and acts as the liaison to the ProActive Kids Foundation.

As a specialized member of the PAK  team, you will be responsible for the overall direction and implementation of the PAK PLAN at a given location.

Utilize your passion for fitness in an environment that serves your community! This is a great opportunity to help deliver a community-based program for children and their families who struggle with unhealthy weight and help them adopt a healthier lifestyle!

The Program Coordinator will:
  • Execute program Monday (4-530 pm), Wednesday (4-530 pm), and Friday (4-6 pm),  for the 8 week session
  • Execute fitness component of program for 45 minutes leading group training (circuits, obstacle courses, etc) 3 days per week — Circuit work motivating kids to GET MOVING and teach proper form and skills (you assist other coaches at program when fitness component is over)
  • Act as key lead at your location for parents providing guidance, education and encouragement — AND MOTIVATION TO SUCCEED IN LIVING A HEALTHIER LIFESTYLE
  • Lead THREE parent-only session throughout to provide support, education and more!
  • Manage paperwork for site including attendance log, consent forms, physician referral forms
  • Manage and take measurements for the  participant including weight/height on Tanita scale, body fat, fat mass, fat free mass
  • Provide final data/measurements per participant via excel at program completion
  • At program completion provide summary report on location data, attrition, success stories and more (outline provided)
  • Actively manage program, coordinating PAK Fitness, PAK Nutrition and PAK Lifestyle components  (PAK Nutrition and PAK Lifestyle are managed and executed by specialists in those respective professions)
  • Utilize your expertise to help them understand how to live a healthy lifestyle and lose weight
  • Staff encouragement and coordination – continuously develop and maintain staff relationships
  • Engage families offsite through phone calls, emails, social networking, etc in order to increase attendance and decrease participant attrition

  • Must have a degree in physical fitness – Four year degree in kinesiology, sports medicine, or degree in a related field, and a national certification (NCSA, ACE, NASM, etc.)
  • Group training experience – you will lead a group of 20 kids on M, W and kids and parents on Fridays (anywhere from 30-50 people)
  • High Energy / Enthusiasm
  • Must be results driven around body composition changes
  • Child health/weight management experience a plus

MORE INFORMATION and application
To apply, send your resume to info@proactive  ProActive Kids can be reached at 630-681-1558 if you have any questions about the position.