SElF-MANAGED healthy weight PROGRAMs 

is your health care organization interested in running your own pediatric weight management program? we can help you do that! By using your own staff to run and amange the program, we will provide the training, tools, supplies and handouts for ease in program delivery. 

ProActive Kidscan assist your health care organization in offering a childhood obesity intervention program.  As a licensee of the ProActive Kids Foundation, you are joining forces with an organization with nearly 10 years of experience working with children and families to help them learn how to develop and sustain a healthier lifestyle.  

ProActive Kids Foundation is offering an implementation-ready childhood obesity intervention program. We will supply your organization with the training, tools, databases and handouts needed to successfully operate and execute your own pediatric weight management program.

Our site directors will work closely with your organization’s coaches to ensure solid program delivery to support the expected improvement outcomes in the areas of body composition change and behavioral and social change.

  • Virtual or onsite training for your TWO selected coaches
  • Two curriculum binders
  • Access to handout database including over 75 handouts for program execution
  • Content database including 10 pre-session emails and over 25 session emails for your dissemination
  • ProActive Kids promotional handout with your logo 
  • Marketing and recruitment guide
  • Data collection and reporting tools
  • Weekly coach email support on lesson plan
  • Participant access to ProActive Kids newsletters
  • $$$ Google adwords advertising  awareness for your program location
  • Ongoing obesity education for your coaches

  • Hire staff or find committed volunteers in the areas of fitness/nutrition and mental health (see role descriptions) to execute the program 3 times per week for 8 weeks.
  • Facility Space – You will need to find a space for your program. The space must be large enough were 20-30 children are able to run around easily. The program also will require tables and chairs for the Lifestyle segment.
  • Recruit program participants – You will be responsible for recruiting participants. ProActive Kids will provide ideas for marketing the program to your population.
  • Collecting registrations and engaging participants – Your coaches will be responsible for collecting registrations and communicating with registrants via phone and email both prior to and during the 8-week session.  Call scripts and emails are provided.
  • Reporting the data* – Using the training techniques and  tools provided by ProActive Kids, your program coordinator is responsible for completing the data profile for your organization at the end of the session. proactive kids will use that data to provide your complete data report. 

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*Reporting the Data
licensees must use the ProActive Kids data tools and database for data collection. This includes but is not limited to Age, Sex, BMI, Body Fat Percent, Fat Mass, Fat Free Mass and Weight changes. Inability to provide data at session end could result in a loss of license.

For more information contact nicki AT 773-802-7005 or nicki@proactivekids.orG