ProActive Kids presents data at consortium to
lower obesity in chicago children

Nicole Klinkhamer from ProActive Kids and Dr. Elizabeth Moxley from DePaul University teamed up  to present findings from ProActive Kids early intervention program at the CLOCC (Consortium to Lower Obesity in Chicago Children) Winter Quarterly Meeting poster session, held in Chicago on Thursday December 7th.

Nicole is the Executive Director and co-founder of ProActive Kids, a program that was developed to combat childhood obesity during the critical ages of development, by providing cost-free comprehensive health to children in the greater Chicagoland area. Recently graduates from the Nursing Program at DePaul University, Sarah Donnelly and Jennifer Marie Dykhuizen, recognized obesity as one of the most prevalent diseases affecting the pediatric population and became interested in the work of ProActive Kids.

Working closely with Nicole along with Dr. Moxley at DePaul they were able to review and analyze data, receiving consultation from DePaul statistician Dr. Habtzghi. Original data obtained between 2010-2017 at 21 ProActive Kid’s program sites involving 884 youth between the ages of 8 to 14 years in Chicago was analyzed.

The findings demonstrated improvements in BMI, weight, body fat and fat mass in several counties, although tabulated data according to age and county of residence revealed the most significant decreases were in fat mass and overall body weight in DuPage and Cook Counties. Weight gain in children may be due to dietary and exercise habits, socioeconomic status, or ethnic background. The initiatives of ProActive Kids’ provide insight into successful strategies to address this current ongoing health issue.

the data will be published in 2018 and available for distribution.


A post program survey identified 82.23% of participants were enrolled by their mother (ProActive Kids Foundation, 2017a). The survey also indicated that 67% of the participants came from married families and 48.39% were Caucasian/White, followed by 29.64% being Hispanic (ProActive Kids Foundation, 2017a). The mean income of the participant’s home was between $25,000-$49,999 and 58.37% carried insurance from their place of employment (ProActive Kids Foundation, 2017a).

- Decrease BMI

- Decrease body fat%  


- INCREASE Self-esteem