​proactive kids has one goal: to help overweight and obese children reach a healthy weight and maintain a healthy lifestyle.   

to do that, we are  flexible in ways we partner and how we work with organizations like yours to expand this program into more communities. together, increase the number of participants served, while ultimately decreasing the number of children who are overweight/obese.  

whether your organization is a hospital, park district, health organization, health plan, health coalition, fqhc, insurance company or other, we can work with you to take on the issue of childhood obesity.

how proactive kids expands into new communities
The PAK curriculum has been designed and standardized to be duplicated and sustained at any organization, in any community. The key is to deliver a consistent, sustainable and proven approach at every location and measure the results across our communities. proactive kids can expand through direct partnership, sponsorship and grant funding. 

the most common expansion strategy is  partnership/sponsorship with hospitals. please visit the hospital partnership page to learn more. 

proactive kids can work closely with your organization to write a grant to get the program funded, and are happy to do so! Or if your hospital funds community-based programs via grants, we can apply that way.

  • your community will have their own childhood obesity intervention program
  • exposure for your organization’s support of the childhood obesity issue
  • Direct referrals for  overweight/obese children to a results-oriented program both you and they can trust
  • Internal goodwill of having your organization take a leadership position on obesity as the nation faces this crisis
  • External visibility and credibility of having your staff operate the program further illustrating their commitment to their community and its families
  • Access to a total turnkey operation with little resource requirement from  your organization
  • Public relations and media visibility opportunities
  • Visibility through PAK corporate marketing (website, brochures, flyers, press materials, communications, etc.)

  • jointly decide on a facility (conference rooms, park district, gym, etc.) at or near your location and order and supply with all handouts, equipment, signage and other supplies.
  • Recruit and train site staff – Program Coordinator, Lifestyle Coach, and Dietitian (hospital can supply the Lifestyle Coach and Dietitian)
  • utilize our expertise to guide your marketing teams on program promotion (if interested)
  • Manage all data analysis for every location and provide outcomes report including de-identified Body Composition Measurements and ProActive Kids Progression Survey (behavioral changes surveyed at end of program) - click here for an example
  • Manage all engagement with  contacts and participants via email and texting communication campaigns, calls, onsite discussions, and more.
  • Manage all onsite activity associated with the program

do you want to send partnership information to a colleague? Here is more information. 

For more information contact US AT 773-802-7005 or