partnership FAQ

Q What is ProActive Kids? 
A: An 8 week program designed by proactive kids foundation (501c3) specifically for kids ages 8-14 who are struggling with unhealthy weight, classified by bmi criteria of 85 percentile and above.

Q what if i am an academic institution, health coalition, physician, medical group or other?
A  we get calls from a wide variety of organizations looking to host a proactive kids program in their community. there are no "rules" for how we expand. give us a call and lets figure this out together. contact nicki at 773-702-7005.

Q Do we have to offer 3 sessions per year?
A  no. proactive kids foundation will work with you on your budgets, demand for program and other factors to determine the right number of sessions per year for your organization. we aim to be a great community partner!

Q where can proactive kids offer the program?
A  anywhere. we can start the program in any community, anywhere. all we need is a facility space large enough for children and their families to run around and a small closet to store supplies. 

Q what is the partner's primary role in offering the program? 
A marketing the program. marketing using your newsletters, social media, physician liasions, etc. getting the word out to your doctors and nurses is priority #1. The best referrals are those who come from the doctor! but of course, we allow open registration in the communities we serve and anyone fitting the criteria can register. 

Q:  i am a doctor and i want to bring proactive kids to my facility. how do i do that? 
A: we get this question a lot and love it. we love working with the doctors who want to fight obesity on the front lines. the easiest way to address this is to give us a call. we have a lot of ideas for you!

Q What are the core components of the PAK program?
A The PAK PLAN is built around three core areas – fitness, nutrition and lifestyle coaching. learn more about each component by clicking here.

Q Is the program safe for my child?
A Check with your child’s physician to see if this program is appropriate for your child. The PAK program and curriculum was developed with input from physicians, psychologists, trainers and others experiences in working with child health-related issues.

Q What is my commitment as a parent?
A As a parent, you are responsible in many ways. You are responsible for getting your child to and from the program. You are responsible for helping them through the many lessons they will be learning and positively enforcing these lessons in your home. You are responsible for the overall improvement of their health through encouragement, proper nutrition and exercise, and support.  Their overall health and nutritional decision-making depends on your lead and example.

Q Is the program right for my child?
A We have parents call us wondering if the program is right for their child because they may be classified as overweight or obese. The program was created to help children struggling in this area and these issues will be discussed during the program. You, as the parent, need to decide if that’s right for your child and then discuss the reasons for attending with them prior to the start.