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upon starting the program, Participants must register for ADVOCATE'S healthy active living (HAL) PRoGRAM. this is a great way to improve the health of your child. the entire program will take place over  6 months. you AND your child will work closely with a physician, dietitian and mental health coach. for 8 weeks you will participant in proactive kids. 

about healthy active living (hal)
hal is a six month program combining physician visits at advocate childrens hospital park ridge with fitness and nutrition education in a one on one setting. your doctor will set up your health plan and it will be based on the steps below:

  1. Healthy Active Living appointment and assessment 
  2.  Attend ProActive Kids 8 week program (3 days per week)
  3. Follow up visits with the Healthy Active Living Team every 2 weeks for 8 weeks (4 visits total – 2 with dietician to review nutrition and activity, 2 with therapist to review behaviors and habits).
  4. ongoing Follow up with healthy active living team for four months - about once visit per three weeks
learn more:
visit advocate's website to learn more about this incredible program!

learn more about the proactive kids and advocate hal partnership.

Download the brochure. 

to register:
plase use the enrollment page to enroll your child. you will be then sent email updates about program start date, location, what to bring and wear and so much more!

if you would like the hal team at advocate to contact you, please fill out the form below.  insurance is accepted. 

Upcoming Sessions:
​fall 2019: oct 14 - dec 6
fall 2019 will be the last session in park ridge

monday and wednesday: 5:00 - 6:30 pm
friday family day: 5:00 - 7:00 pm

advocate lutheran general hospital
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