- go, slow, whoa foods

- Portion Control
- Label Reading
- meal planning

- sugar

- snacks and tastings

- q & A

We all know that nutrition is key to overall health. but living that way day to day can be hard. some don't know where to start. others dont know what changes to make. 

designed by nces nutrition, the proactive kids nutrition program is a family-inclusive approach to making lifestyle changes together towards healthier eating habits.

offered on fridays during the 8-week session, Each 40-minute nutrition lesson engages the entire family to discuss issues like, food labels, portion control, grocery shopping, meal planning and so much more.

lessons are designed to create changes current diets and motivate both the participants and their parents to live a healthier lifestyle as it relates to food choices. 

Nutrition lessons include:
  • goal setting
  • Go, Slow and Whoa / stoplight Foods
  • Portion Sizes
  • Reading Food Labels
  • Breakfast
  • Meal Planning
  • sugar

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