- Cope with Feelings
- Peer Support
- Body Image  

- Self-esteem
- Communication
- Goal Setting
- Emotional Needs

Childhood obesity can be a sensitive issue and the social and psychological effects at a young age can be lasting.

Understanding and working through the personal, societal and peer issues related to obesity will help children and their families deal with the many contributing factors to health issues.

At PAK, our counselors reinforce confidence, encourage communication and teach valuable coping skills to empower kids to take control of their lives and their decisions. PAK families bond and create lasting relationships for life.

Helps kids build confidence and self-esteem
Facilitates open family discussion about relationships with food
Strengthens interaction with other kids
Focuses on the child’s personal struggles, such as body image, bullying, family matters and more
Goal: Build confidence, increase communication and teach coping skills

Lifestyle lessons include:
  • Goal setting
  • Understanding Hunger and Fullness
  • Communication Styles
  • Body Image
  • Coping with Feelings
  • Expressing Emotions
  • Problem Solving
  • Bullying