(Geneva, IL – March 7, 2018) – ProActive Kids Foundation today announces an exclusive partnership with NCES Health and Nutrition Education (NCES) from Olathe, KS, a nutrition resource company that specializes in creating and distributing nutrition education materials to dietitians and healthcare professionals, schools, and government agencies both nationally and internationally.

ProActive Kids is thrilled to celebrate this partnership as part of National Nutrition Month!

ProActive Kids Foundation selected NCES Nutrition as their exclusive curriculum partner in nutrition education for their comprehensive nutrition education resources, industry expertise and shared mission of fighting the childhood obesity crisis via education. They join Meier Clinics’ mental health coaching and Right Fit Sport Fitness Wellness’ physical activity curriculum to complete this evidence-based, proven intervention curriculum. Collectively, ProActive Kids and its partners continue to deliver, review and refine its curriculum to ensure its meeting the research, trends and desired industry outcomes.

“NCES offers the nutrition education resources needed to properly educate children struggling with overweight and obesity, as well as their parents” said Nicki Klinkhamer, ProActive Kids Foundation Executive Director. “The curriculum offers a unique balance in delivery to educate both parent and child on proper nutrition. Educating the parents is a critical solution since they buy, prepare and distribute the food within their families.” 

Klinkhamer continued, “NCES stood out during the due diligence process – they created the 8-week curriculum and all associated handouts and education materials for our audience, but also easily able to support our long-term Foundation goals of providing medical nutrition modules for pre-diabetes, diabetes and asthma conditions as well as Spanish materials in our next iteration.”

ProActive Kids participants will also have a direct referral to discounts on the NCES Nutrition ProActive Kids website page where they will be able to purchase fitness equipment, portion plates, healthy tools, educational products and more to help them live a healthier lifestyle at home.

“Nutrition education in a family setting is a vital component to ending childhood obesity. We look forward to training these coaches to make a significant impact on these families while they utilize these new materials both during the program and at home,” said Carrie Mark, MA, RD, LD, Nutrition Consultant for NCES, Inc. and President of the Kansas City Dietetic Association.

For more information contact (630) 681-1558, e-mail info@proactivekids.org 

The ProActive Kids program is specifically designed for kids 8-14 in the 85th percentile and above in BMI, to learn how to adopt a healthier lifestyle and ultimately reach a healthy weight.   During the 8-week program, children are engaged fitness, nutrition and mental health coaching activities.

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NCES is a one-stop source for nutrition education. For over 25 years, NCES has created and compiled the best health and nutrition resources available.  This comprehensive selection includes resources materials, client/patient education, food models, teaching aids and healthy tools for dietitians, nutrition educators, healthcare professionals, schools, and government agencies both nationally and internationally.