ProActive Kids Foundation will provide a guide for executing the ProActive Kids program. Below you will find the immediate next steps in starting your ProActive Kids program!

  1. Sign Contract with ProActive  Kids Foundation
  2. CustomizE  Your Program (information below)
  3. Start marketing the program and collecting registrations! 

Before you can start marketing your program, there are a few key decisions that you must make surrounding your program. get together with your team to brainstorm about the topics below and decide what works best for your organization.

You have the option of hosting one to six  8-week sessions per year.  session dates are listed below.  It is best to understand how many programs you plan to host so you can market the different sessions instead of re-marketing each time. For each session, the license fee for each session is $800.00. 

You will need to find a space to host your ProActive Kids program. Every organization is different in facility space available in your area. below is a list of places we suggest you look into as they have all been great places to host the program. also,  Talk to people in your organization, perhaps you already have a relationship with one of the following groups:
• Park Districts
• Large conference space within your organization
• Churches
• Schools
• Community Centers
• Fitness Centers

• Contained private large space 53 x 33 ft. (room large enough for 20-25 kids to exercise and run classrooms do not work) 
• Classroom-style space for lifestyle and nutrition segment (or tables and chairs available for large space) 
• Small closet to store large plastic tubs with equipment (if possible)


2018-2019 Program Dates
PROACTIVE KIDS  DETERMINEs THE SESSION DATES EACH YEAR to help us manage training, supply management and data and reporting efficiently.  THE FOUNDATION OFFERS SIX SESSION START DATES IN A CALENDAR YEAR. PROGRAM PARTNERS MUST USE THESE AS THEIR SESSION DATES. session dates work around major holidays and spring break to ensure maximum attendance. 

September 17 - november 8
october 15 - december 7

january 14 - march 8
April 8 - May 31
June 3 - July 26
June 24 - August 16
September 16 - November 8
October 21 - December 13

ProActive Kids has succesfull offered the program at 4 pm, however that timeframe may not work for your organization and you are able to select your own program times.  Parental work schedules, school, sibling activities, and the times available at the facility all become factors in determining the days and times that work. to ensure viability and efficacy of the program, the following must be followed in setting up your program. 
  • Program MUST be offered three days per week. 
  • Program must be 1.5 hours for each of those three days, and two hours on third day if possible.
  • Parents must attend on the third day. 
  • Each day must include program components for that day based on proactive kids curriculum

ProActive Kids Foundation recommends the following program schedule: 
Monday and Wednesday – 4:00 – 5:30 p.m. – kids only
• Lifestyle: 4:00 – 4:45 p.m.
• Fitness: 4:45 – 5:30 p.m.
Friday Family Day - 4:00 – 6:00 p.m. – families are invited/required to attend and participate (siblings welcome if over the age of three years old)
• Lifestyle: 4:00 – 4:40 p.m.
• Nutrition: 4:40 – 5:20 p.m.
• Fitness: 5:20 – 6:00 p.m.

To cover your costs and to secure engagement in the program, you will likely want (or need) to charge for this program.  ProActive Kids Foundation allows organizations to choose the cost of your program.

We advise organizations price your program accordingly based on your other program offerings and understanding of the socio-economic environment of your population area.

We recommend running the program with 30 participants to start as some will not likely complete the 8 weeks. If you charge $100 per participants, you will cover your program costs. You may charge more,  you may charge less. Every service area and community population is different.

you have the opportunity of pffering scholarships or other sales or promotions.

Depending on who you have coaching at the program, you may be able to bill insurance. ProActive Kids Foundation can provide the relevant ICD codes, but will not get involved in coding for your program. It will be up to your organization to manage this process – collecting insurance information, managing forms, and working with providers for reimbursement. 

ProActive Kids Foundation will rely on each organization to manage your own program payments. You may require full payment at the time of registration, like most programs do. If you offer other pay-for-service programs, look into how your organization collects money for those programs.  

Your organization can collect payment through your website, paypal, check, etc. Each organization will determine their own method. 

Where will your organization collect registrations? There are a few commons places such as a program listing page on your website, email/ calls to a designated person, or a collector such as This must be determined ahead of time so this information can be included in marketing materials.

these are the core decisions you need to make to develop your program flyer before you can promote. hiring staff can come later. marketing takes the most time, so once the decisions above have been made, you may want to start marketing! 

Onsite, two coaches will execute ProActive Kids and work closely with the participants and their families throughout the 8-week session. 

• The Program Coordinator (PC)  is the first hire you will need to make. the PC manages the day-to-day activities of the site, serves as the main point of contact for staff members and families, and implements both the  physical fitness and nutrition education components of the PAK program. this staff member may also manage registrations and payments depending on how you set up the program.

This person is responsible for bringing the activities of the program to internal constituents and program managers.  

• The Lifestyle Coach (behavioral specialist, therapist, psychologist, social worker) implements the PAK Lifestyle Coaching segment of the program. This team member will play an integral role in understanding and working through the personal, societal and peer issues related to obesity.  These sessions are designed to improve communication and self-confidence. Please see job descriptions PDF. 

Each ProActive Kids Coach has a total amount of hours to work within.  You will work with your coaching staff to determine their compensation and how they will bill for their time spent at ProActive Kids.  

Your organization can budget for the operation of the program using the hourly totals below.

Program Coordinator 
Time: 55 hours total over 8 weeks 
Hourly Recommendations: $25.00-$30.00 per hour
45 hours of onsite management and 10 hours administration management
o 2 hours of Program Prep (Bin Preparation, Handout Filing)
o 5 hours of Registrations and Participant Engagement Pre-Program
o 40 Hours of Onsite Program Execution
o 4 Hours for Data Entry and Reporting in Survey Monkey
o 4 Hours of Administrative ( Emailing parents weekly newsletter, waiting for pickups, bin organization, filing post-program)

Lifestyle Coach
Hourly Recommendations: $20.00-$30.00 per hour commensurate with experience
Time: 30 hours total over 8 weeks (25 hours of onsite Lifestyle education and 5 hours administration management). The lifestyle coach hours are primarily onsite program implementation with additional time allow for staying to help, talking with parents after class, or other.

Once you have determined the information listed above, you are able to start marketing your program. You will work with ProActive Kids to develop your flyer (or create your own), you can list the program online, and you can send out promotional emails!  ProActive Kids will supply a detailed guide for how to market your program! 

Contact ProActive Kids at or 630-681-1558.

For more information contact nicki AT 773-802-7005 or nicki@proactivekids.orG