Q What is ProActive Kids? 
A An 8 week program designed specifically for kids ages 8-14 who are struggling with unhealthy weight.

Q How do I know if my child qualifies for the program?
A  Children must be in the 85th percentile and above to qualify for the program. Not sure if your child fits the criteria? Use a BMI calculator to learn about your child’s body composition and BMI or ask your doctor.  Siblings are not able to enroll if they do not fit this criteria.

Attendance and Commitment
Q Do we have to attend every session for the 8 weeks?
A  ProActive Kids knows you may not be able to attend every session, however we strongly encourage you to attend as many as possible. This success of the program is driven by commitment of the family both at PAK and at home. Remember, you are taking a valueable spot so, before you enroll, make sure you are committed to the program. 

Q What age should the child be to participate?
A  PAK is designed for boys and girls between the ages of 8-14.

Q Where is the PAK program offered?
A ProActive Kids is growing every day. Please click here to learn more about our many locations.

Q How can I REGISTER my child in the program? 
A Simply call PAK at 630-681-1558 to REGISTER your child in the program or REGISTER online. 

Q  How do I know if I am REGISTERED? 
A Once you complete the online REGISTRATIONS form, you can consider yourself REGISTERED in the program and we are saving a seat for your child. If you no longer plan to attend prior to the start date, please contact ProActive Kids to let them know as you are taking up a valuable seat that can go to another child in need.

Q Can my doctor REGISTER  my family? 
A No. This is the first step in your commitment to the program. You must REGISTER your child online or via telephone at 630-681-1558.

Do not fill out the enrollment form if you just have a question. All questions can be directed to info@proactivekids.org.

Q Is there a fee to join the program?
A The program is offered at no cost (FREE) to children/families. The program is funded through generous contributions of the hospital offering the program at each location. Also, PA does not require proof of insurance or medical coverage.

Q What are the core components of the PAK program?
A The PAK PLAN is built around three core areas – fitness, nutrition and lifestyle coaching. learn more about each component by clicking here.

Q Is the program safe for my child?
A Check with your child’s physician to see if this program is appropriate for your child. The PAK program and curriculum was developed with input from physicians, psychologists, trainers and others experiences in working with child health-related issues.

Q What is my commitment as a parent?
A As a parent, you are responsible in many ways. You are responsible for getting your child to and from the program. You are responsible for helping them through the many lessons they will be learning and positively enforcing these lessons in your home. You are responsible for the overall improvement of their health through encouragement, proper nutrition and exercise, and support.  Their overall health and nutritional decision-making depends on your lead and example.

Q Is the program right for my child?
A We have parents call us wondering if the program is right for their child because they may be classified as overweight or obese. The program was created to help children struggling in this area and these issues will be discussed during the program. You, as the parent, need to decide if that’s right for your child and then discuss the reasons for attending with them prior to the start.

Q When does the program take place and how long is the commitment?
A The PAK program is held Monday, Wednesday and friday. times vary by location so please check your desired location page. Kids come alone on these days and parents are not allowed. they are welcome to stay at the facility and wait. On Fridays, also known as Family Day, the program is two hours and Parents are requested to attend.

Q What is my commitment as a parent?
A The PAK program is designed on the premise that child health is a family commitment. PAK encourages parents to support program principles by providing a health environment at home. Parents are also required to provide transportation to and from the program and attend Friday sessions.

Q What outcomes will my child see?
A While each child’s experience will vary, PAK is designed to improve in the following 5 measures:
  • A Decrease IN Body Mass Index  (BMI) calculated by  Weight/Height/Age
  • DevelopMENT of  athletic abilities including  Endurance, Strength and Flexibility
  • Enhanced Self Confidence
  • Improved Social Behaviors
  • sustainable positive nutritional behaviors and decision making

Q Is there a guarantee the program works?
A The program will work if you practice what you learn at home. This must be a family commitment to practice the sustainable lessons at home during the program and after it ends.parents must be in charge on ongoing commitment to health in your home.