Advocate's healthy active living and proactive kids

This is a resource you need to know about so you can help your pediatric patients who struggle with overweight and obesity.  We are accepting referrals for 2019!

ProActive Kids and Advocate Children's Hopital have been partners for over 7 years, working together to offer health programs to children and their families who struggle with weight in Downers Grove, Oak Lawn and Park Ridge. 

ProActive Kids will now be offered as part of Advocate's Healthy Active Living Program so participants can receive more support by doctors, dietitians, and mental health coaches for a longer period of time to ensure maximum success! 

The ProActive Kids program will remain the same, helping children learn to live a healthier lifestyle through group fitness, nutrition and lifestyle coaching, in a group setting for 8 weeks. Then, they will continue with HAL. The complete health plan is listed below. 

Download the brochure by clicking here (feel free to print and distribute) or visit:

REGISTRATION IS OPEN. PLEASE REGISTER ON OUR ENROLLMENT PAGE. you are welcome to enroll your patients but ensure you include an email address or phone number for the patient.

about healthy active living (hal)
hal is a six month program combining physician visits with fitness and nutrition education in a group. your doctor will set up your health plan and it will be based on the steps below.

  1. Healthy Active Living appointment and assessment 
  2.  Attend ProActive Kids 8 week program (3 days per week)
  3. Follow up visits with the Healthy Active Living Team every 2 weeks for 8 weeks (4 visits total – 2 with dietician to review nutrition and activity, 2 with therapist to review behaviors and habits).
  4. Follow up with healthy active living - 1 month later 
  5. Follow up with healthy active living - 1 month later​


Upcoming Sessions 
please visit oak lawn or park ridge location pages to learn of next sessions

monday and wednesday: 5:00 - 6:30 pm
friday family day: 5:00 - 7:00 pm

advocate children's hospital in  both park ridge and oak lawn